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All initial case consultations are free of charge. RMRI, Inc. also offers limited consulting services to Private Investigators and Attorneys.

RMRI, Inc. offers business consulting services to Missouri Private Investigators that are just starting up their Private Investigation Agencies. From building your company Webpage to helping you to develop effective policies to run your business, RMRI, Inc. is your cost effective alternative to "trial and error business development". RMRI, Inc. also offers technical consulting services to Criminal Defense Attorneys that are defending complex criminal cases involving high technology crimes. We can assist the attorney in understanding the technical terms that they will often encounter in discovery, assist in developing key questions for depositions and cross-examination, and develop reports that demonstrate weaknesses in the technical procedures and protocols of the investigation conducted by the Prosecution Team.


RMRI, Inc. is a team of highly qualified specialists that are experts in their fields. To begin working your case, an Investigator that specializes in your type of case will research your case and analyze all of the conducted research material to develop a strategy to effectively resolve your case.

After RMRI, Inc. accepts your case by consulting with you, taking a case intake sheet from you, and signing a mutually protective contract with you we will begin the first phase of your case. RMRI, Inc. will assign an Investigator to your case that specializes in your type of case. The Investigator assigned to your case will research your case by conducting research in proprietary databases, open source intelligence materials, and relevant interviews with the necessary people that are related to your case. Once all of this research is finished, the Investigator will recommend a detailed strategy to the entire RMRI, Inc. Investigative Team, if necessary the recommended strategy to resolve your case may be refined to more effectively resolve your case. Once the entire RMRI, Inc. Investigative Team agrees on the strategy to effectively resolve your case we put this strategy in motion to bring an effective resolution to your case.


An intelligent strategy designed to be effective is what will determine the successful resolution of your case. RMRI, Inc. has a diversified group of Investigators and Technical Consultants that have the experience to know what has a high probability of working and what does not, what is practical and what is not, and what has proven to be effective.

When the RMRI, Inc. Investigative Team approves a strategy to work your case, the team is guided by that strategy. Whether your investigation requires one Investigator or the entire RMRI, Inc. Investigative Team, we do what is necessary to effectively resolve your case. While it is often impossible to guarantee results in some investigations, RMRI, Inc. does everything we can to try to ensure the highest probability of success on your case. With some of the most modern and dependable equipment in the Private Investigation Business and some of the most qualified and dedicated Investigators in the business, RMRI, Inc. has the ability to implement a strategy that is practical and effective with the highest possibility of successfully concluding your case.

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A History of Professional Service
RMRI Inc. offers professional private investigative services.


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RMRI Inc. works every job with integrity.


A History of Experience.
RMRI Inc. has a strong history of private investigative experience.


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RMRI Inc. is dedicated to helping our clients.

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Our History


RMRI, Inc. was contacted in May of 2004 in regards to a missing child. We were contacted by the custodial parent who requested that we assist him in the recovery of the missing child. Within the first week; after several days of surveillance....

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In May of 2004 RMRI, Inc. was contacted by a previous client. The client had separated from his wife. It was rumored that his wife was seeing another man....

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In June of 2006 RMRI, Inc. was contacted to perform a domestic surveillance on a female client's husband, which has now lead into a divorce case. At this point in time, this is still an ongoing case, so we can not show actual surveillance photos or video....

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In 2011 RMRI, Inc. was called upon to review a case in Camdenton, MO. Where the state of Missouri Family Services “Stat Team” found three illegal files on a computer. The “Stat Team” referred this case for prosecution.

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