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2004 -- Missing Child Case

RMRI, Inc. was contacted in May of 2004 in regards to a missing child. We were contacted by the custodial parent. The custodial parent requested that we find the child and assist him in the recovery of the child.

RMRI, Inc. immediately went to work for the client after we were contracted. Within the first week; after several days of surveillance, "street interviews", and a small undercover operation we were able to ascertain the whereabouts of our client's child.

RMRI, Inc. then went to work on the second phase of the recovery, and this was to actually recover the child. We had found in our initial investigation that the mother of the child had taken the child and went to stay with her relatives in Kansas City, Missouri. Some basic database research indicated that the mother had two (2) active warrants for her arrest.

With this information, some coordination from RMRI, Inc. with the Kansas City Police Department and the Columbia Police Department we were able to send an agent from RMRI, Inc with the father to Kansas City, Missouri to successfully recover the child after eight (8) hours of surveillance and three (3) hours of phone coordination between RMRI, Inc., Columbia Police Department and Kansas City Police Department. The child is now safely back at home with her father.

In this particular case, RMRI, Inc. was able to utilize the skills of one of it's undercover operatives to obtain the necessary information to locate the missing child. RMRI, Inc. was also able to leverage the non-custodial parent into a weaker position than the father, so that the father could regain physical custody of the child with minimal outside interference. With superior communication skills, RMRI, Inc. was able to enlist the full support of two (2) Law Enforcement Agencies in helping us to reunite the child with her father.

2004 -- Field Investigation

In May of 2004 RMRI, Inc. was contacted by a previous client. Our previous client had separated from his wife. It was rumored that his wife was seeing another man. Our client did find that his wife did have a man over at her house one time when he was there to pick up his children. Our client managed to obtain this person's first name and email address. The client contracted RMRI, Inc. to discover the identity of this person because he was concerned about his children being around this person.

With only an email address and a first name, Rick Gurley used some very advanced Internet searching techniques to discover this person's identity, and further discovered that this person had a serious criminal record and was a non-registered sex offender from a 1988 conviction. Rick Gurley immediately contacted the client with this information. At this point the client asked RMRI, Inc. to consult to him on how he could protect his children. Rick Gurley advised the client that he needed to obtain a child protection order for his children. Rick Gurley also advised that in order to obtain this court order, the client needed evidence that this person was in fact at the residence of his wife when the children were there.

The client requested that RMRI, Inc. obtain this evidence. RMRI, Inc. performed a seventy two (72) hour surveillance on the residence of the client's wife, and obtained photographic evidence that this person was at the residence when the children were there. Armed with this evidence and the convictions that RMRI, Inc. found on this subject, our client was able to obtain a child protection order from the Clerk Of Court in the county where his wife resides. RMRI, Inc. was then requested to coordinate with local Law Enforcement to get the order served.

RMRI, Inc. performed a forty eight (48) hours surveillance on the residence and reported to local Law Enforcement when this subject was seen at the residence. Local Law Enforcement came in and served the child protection order without incident and advised the subject to go to the Sheriff’s Department and register as a sex offender. The subject refused, and fled. The subject was entered into the sex offender database by the local Sheriff’s Department, and misdemeanor warrants were issued for his arrest for non-registration.

RMRI, Inc. was then asked to come to court for a custody modification hearing with the evidence that we had obtained. The purpose of the hearing was to determine if the mother should be granted more visitation with the children. A copy of all evidence was given to the client and the client's attorney. The evidence that was provided was so comprehensive, thorough, and detailed that opposing counsel advised her client to find a way to settle this out of court.

A settlement was reached modifying visitation with the children to the satisfaction of both parties. Opposing counsel commented that she hoped that she never had to take a case where RMRI, Inc. was working for the other side. My client's attorney asked for several business cards and said she would highly recommend RMRI, Inc. to anyone that needed a Private Investigator. The children were of the utmost concern to RMRI, Inc., and in this particular case the welfare of the children was protected.

RMRI, Inc. used a wide array of skills to successfully protect the two (2) minor children involved here. Using superior surveillance skills, an advanced knowledge of Internet Profiling, and comprehensive report writing skills, we were able to quickly protect our client's children from any potential harm.

2006 -- Domestic Surveillance

In June of 2006 RMRI, Inc. was contacted to perform a domestic surveillance on a female client's husband, which has now lead into a divorce case. At this point in time, this is still an ongoing case, so we can not show actual surveillance photos or video. However, we are able to show the company owner in the field on the surveillance.

At this point in time, RMRI, Inc. has obtained enough evidence to to assist in producing a positive outcome for our client in her divorce. Below are some of the pictures of the company owner: Ricky Gurley actually in the field on one of the more recent surveillances to gather even more evidence or the client to be used in her divorce case. Below are some photos that illustrate what surveillance is really like.

Often times surveillance operations are performed in rural areas, where it is extremely hot or extremely cold, sometimes in deep woods which can mean dealing with the elements like bees, ticks, chiggers, and even the occassional snake or spider. The hours can be long, and most often extreme patience is required. It can be a hot and sweaty job. One has to pay close and careful attention to detail and resist the temptation to fall asleep. One may have to be very still in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time. In short it can be miserable work.

2011 -- Computer Forensics

In 2011, RMRI, Inc. was called upon to review a case in Camdenton, MO where the state of Missouri Family Services “Stat Team” found three illegal files on a computer. The “Stat Team” referred this case for prosecution.

Often times RMRI, Inc. will be called in by the defense attorney to consult on these types of cases. RMRI, Inc. has some of the best expert witnesses in the state of Missouri for cases involving almost all manners of digital evidence. The “Technical Team” has a combined fifty years of experience in working with everything from software development and programming, source code analysis, virus and malware defense and protection, computer repair, file recovery, software development, computer security consulting, and forensic acquisition techniques.

When RMRI, Inc. is first called in to consult on a case, the first thing that we want to do is see the entire discovery on these cases. We want to see the report from the Investigator that did the forensic analysis of the computer in question, we want to see any deposition material where the Investigators were deposed by the defense attorney, we want to see any interviews conducted with the defendant, and anything else that the prosecution has provided that will give us an accurate picture of what happened to cause the defendant to be charged. RMRI, Inc. also wants to be present for any testimony that the Investigator that worked this case gives.

Our expert’s testimony of the forensics examination on the defendant’s computer gave us great pause as to whether this Investigator correctly interpreted the evidence that he found on the defendant’s computer. In this case, the Investigator believed that the defendant downloaded three illegal files to their computer for viewing. The reality of the case is that the defendant never even knew that these files resided on their computer. These files were simply thumbnails that were residing in the temporary file section of the defendant’s computer and were put there as a result of the defendant looking at a website, but NOT even knowing that this website would place these thumbnail images on their computer as a result of viewing this website. Through careful and methodical research, RMRI, Inc. was able to not only come to understand what had occurred on the defendant’s computer but was also prepared to prove what happened on the defendant’s computer.

After RMRI, Inc. heard the State’s Investigator testify, analyzed the discovery evidence, and then worked with the attorney a little covering what had occurred on the defendant’s computer. The attorney was prepared to take on the prosecutor, and after some hard work the attorney was able to convince the prosecutor to drop charges and not proceed to trial.

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