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I'd like to take the time to tell you a little about Risk Management Research & Investments, Inc. (RMRI, Inc.). RMRI, Inc. is a full service Private Investigation Agency. RMRI, Inc. is owned and operated by Ricky B. Gurley. Ricky B. Gurley has been in the business of investigations and recovery operations for over eighteen (18) years as of the writing of this webpage. RMRI, Inc. is and has been in good standing since I formed it in the year of 2001. RMRI, Inc. has never had a formal consumer complaint filed against it. RMRI, Inc. is very proud of the professional reputation that it has fostered since it has been in operation. Please read further to find out more about RMRI, Inc. and it's owner, Ricky B. Gurley

Rick Gurley is a Licensed Private Investigator throughout the State of Missouri Private Investigator License Number: 2011001072
Agency License Number: 2011001124

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It is important for a Private Investigator to have a thorough understanding of what ethics are and how important they are to the Private Investigator and the client. Ethics are rules that are developed to protect the integrity of the Business Owner and the client. In few professions are ehtics as important as they are in the Private Investigation Business. Ethics should not be arbitrary. Ethics should be developed with a clear understanding of how they will protect the business owner's integrity, reputation, and credibility. RMRI, Inc.'s ethics speak for who we are, and what we believe in. Simply put; we believe in staying within the boundaries of the law while EFFECTIVELY assisting our clients with their cases!


Our obligation is to our client. We are obligated to provide the best possible service we can, with timely updates, comprehensive and concise reports, and court admissible evidence. We have a fiduciary obligation to our client to do what we are paid to do as long as it complies with the law and it is effective in resolving our client's case. We also have an obligation to our client to be judicious with regard to the client's funds. RMRI, Inc. does charge higher fees than most Private Investigation Companies do; where you save money with RMRI, Inc. is in the fact that we keep an eye towards only conducting investigative tasks that will be effective to a positive outcome in the case that will be beneficial to the client. When you sign a contract with RMRI, Inc. we become obligated to you and then your problem becomes our problem.


Let us first start with the most important point of all. We are not here to aid in criminal activity, nor are we here to assist in hiding it, covering it up, or anything of this nature. We are a legitimate business, and conduct ourselves accordingly. If you even entertain the notion that we can do this for you, please save yourself some time and discomfort, and do not call us. Once this is even mentioned to us, we are ethically bound to report it to the proper authorities.


Once we accept a case from you, we are ethically bound to keep it confidential unless required to give access to case information by a court order. We can not share your name with anyone while we are actively working a case for you without your express written authorization. Your case information will stay within the confines of RMRI, Inc., rest assured that we would risk going to jail or physical injury protecting your information. If RMRI, Inc. does not have a valid subpoena for our records, our policy is to absolutely under no circumstances share any case information with anyone other than employees, subcontracted employees of RMRI, Inc., and/or people authorized in writing by the client.

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A History of Professional Service
RMRI Inc. offers professional private investigative services.


A History of Integrity.
RMRI Inc. works every job with integrity.


A History of Experience.
RMRI Inc. has a strong history of private investigative experience.


A History of Dedication.
RMRI Inc. is dedicated to helping our clients.

RMRI, Inc.'s Private Investigator Agency Certificate
Ricky Gurley's Private Investigator Certificate

Our History


RMRI, Inc. was contacted in May of 2004 in regards to a missing child. We were contacted by the custodial parent who requested that we assist him in the recovery of the missing child. Within the first week; after several days of surveillance....

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In May of 2004 RMRI, Inc. was contacted by a previous client. The client had separated from his wife. It was rumored that his wife was seeing another man....

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In June of 2006 RMRI, Inc. was contacted to perform a domestic surveillance on a female client's husband, which has now lead into a divorce case. At this point in time, this is still an ongoing case, so we can not show actual surveillance photos or video....

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In 2011 RMRI, Inc. was called upon to review a case in Camdenton, MO. Where the state of Missouri Family Services “Stat Team” found three illegal files on a computer. The “Stat Team” referred this case for prosecution.

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