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Criminal Defense Investigation

$200.00/Hr. with a non-refundable retainer of $4,000.00 to $10,000.00 Dependant Upon Case.

All reasonable expenses are paid by the client.

A Criminal Defense Investigation encompasses many services offered by a Private Investigator in most cases. A Criminal Defense Investigation always entails tremendous amounts of reading and reviewing reports, case research and intense scrutiny of the various records and reports that have been generated. Case organization is KEY when working these types of cases. The Private Investigator must have a well rounded knowledge of the various areas of Private Investigation work. Often times the Private Investigator will have to do witness locations, Interviews, serve subpoenas, background investigations, surveillance, and even Cyber Investigations. It takes a well rounded Private Investigator to successfully perform these types of investigations. The Criminal Defense Investigation can be ongoing for years in some cases. The Private Investigator must be comfortable testifying in a court of law. The Private Investigator must also have excellent communications skills. This is not an area of investigation for a new person in the Private Investigation Profession; there is much at stake in these types of investigations. Often times the Private Investigator is dealing with people’s lives in these types of cases. These cases MUST be handled intelligently, skillfully, with great discretion, and MUST be taken extremely seriously by the Private Investigator.

Child Abduction Recovery

$250.00/Hr. with a non-refundable retainer of $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 Dependant Upon Certain Case Factors.

All travel and reasonable expenses are paid by the client.

A Child Abduction Recovery is the legal process of locating a kidnapped child and having the child returned to the legal custodial parent. Often times these cases are the result of the non-custodial parent taking the child and not returning the child to the legal custodial parent. These are EXTREMELY delicate cases. These cases must be worked with a high degree of integrity, intelligence, and dedication. Very detailed notes must be kept, comprehensive and easy to read reports must be produced, an Investigator must have good “skip tracing” skills, much of the time long, protracted surveillance is necessary, the ability to establish a good rapport with Law Enforcement is necessary, and excellent communication skills are a MUST. These cases require an experienced Investigator who will take all aspects of this type of case very seriously. These types of cases always involve the welfare and safety of someone’s child and for this reason the client should be very careful about who he or she may hire.


$200.00/Hr. with a retainer of $2,500.00 to $8,000.00 Dependant Upon Certain Case Factors 

Surveillance is a skill. It requires a high degree of patience, attention to detail, the ability to blend in with the environment, and an ability to handle long and protracted periods of time with nothing to do but attentively watch one area. It is much easier written about than done. Very few people can conduct a surveillance the right way. RMRI, Inc. has fifteen (15) years of experience conducting all types of surveillances in a wide variety of environments. This is why we charge what we do, because we understand that when conducting surveillance, we only get one chance to get it right. As of this writing, RMRI, Inc. has never been "burned" on a surveillance.


All of our services can be customized to meet the client’s needs. Please feel free to ask about a custom request that you might have.

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Main Services

RMRI, Inc. has proven itself in solving complex civil and criminal cases as well as evidence for both Prosecution and Defense firms needing to corroborate, disprove or confirm evidence associated with a Cyber Investigation case.

RMRI, Inc. has prided itself on obtaining accurate information for our clients through many avenues. Whether you're looking for an old friend, or gathering information on a potential employee. RMRI, Inc. will gather the information with accuracy.

RMRI, Inc. employees have either law enforcement or academic backgrounds in field investigations. RMRI, Inc. will deploy our personnel out in the field to conduct surveillance, child abduction recovery, on-site digital forensics, witness interviews, and evidence collection.

RMRI, Inc. offer professional process service along with our investigative services. We serve legal process anywhere in the state of Missouri and have a nationwide network of competent Process Servers that can serve your legal papers anywhere in the United States of America.