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It is important for a Private Investigator to have a thorough understanding of what ethics are and how important they are to the Private Investigator and the client. Ethics are rules that are developed to protect the integrity of the Business Owner and the client. In few professions are ehtics as important as they are in the Private Investigation Business. Ethics should not be arbitrary. Ethics should be developed with a clear understanding of how they will protect the business owner's integrity, reputation, and credibility.

RMRI, Inc.'s ethics speak for who we are, and what we believe in. Simply put; we believe in staying within the boundaries of the law while EFFECTIVELY assisting our clients with their cases!


Our obligation is to our client. We are obligated to provide the best possible service we can, with timely updates, comprehensive and concise reports, and court admissible evidence. We have a fiduciary obligation to our client to do what we are paid to do as long as it complies with the law and it is effective in resolving our client's case... Read More

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Ethics? It’s the Private Investigation Business!

Ethics? It’s the Private Investigation Business! By Ricky B. Gurley and Laurien Rose Anyone interested in learning about the ethics of the private investigation industry should read Hal Humphreys’ article, The Dishonest Investigator as “Rational Fool.” Humphreys analyzes the trustworthiness of modern private investigators, focusing specifically on the use of GPS mapping systems. Although I agree […]

'>Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead: Mike Martin Is Getting Sued!

Well, let me tell you something; those rights that we are so proud of, those rights that make the USA the greatest nation in the world; are precious and priceless; precious and priceless enough to be used responsibly and not abused. Because the egregious abuse of those rights is the only thing in the world that can cause them to be taken away. This is why I am on Aaron Smith's side here; because what Mike Martin is doing and has done for years can have an impact on us all.